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Published by Gestalten Press, Nostalgia: The Russian Empire of Czar Nicholas II Captured in Color Photographs features over 250 photographs from the czarist era 1905-1915. In 1905, the Russian chemist and photographer Sergei Mikhailovich … Continue reading

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Rodney Smith

Rodney Smith captures the simplicity and elegance of another era. He shoots in black and white with an analogue camera, develops the film in his dark room and never uses special … Continue reading

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Maria Aparicio Puentes

This is where the art of embroidery and the art of photography meet. Maria Aparicio Puentes works with colourful thread on black and white pictures. Born in Santiago, Chile, Maria Aparicio … Continue reading

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Sally Mann

One of the most influential photographers of the day, in 2001 Sally Mann was named Americas Best Photographer by Time magazine. The American photographer is mostly known for photographing her family … Continue reading

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Nikki McClure

Born in Washington, Nikki McClure is a self-taught artist known for her papercuts. With an X-Acto knife and black paper, she started the art of papercutting in 1996. Since then, she has … Continue reading

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Alex Russel Flint

Alex Russell Flint is a British artist, the great-grandson of Sir William Russell Flint. All his life he had been surrounded by his grandfather’s art. In his early 20s he … Continue reading

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Alyssa Monks

Alyssa Monks steps on the fine line between photography and painting. The young American artist is, with no doubt, one of the most successful contemporary artists of our time. Filtered, … Continue reading

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